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The Book of Light

Including the 76 principles of light (some are omitted pending further understanding and spiritual development)

"The expression of the Father on this planet, this earthly plane of existence, is observed as light. This light is refracted, reflected, absorbed. That which comes to this planet is absorbed by the air and is broken into three parts. The first is spiritual, the second reflected color, the third transmission, alternation or translation. One beam of light divided into three.

Many truths may be observed in the action of light ...

The 76 principles of Light:

1. Light is and ever more shall be.
2. Light is not present in Alzur.
3. Light is heard by those who possess the inner awareness of the spirit of white light.
4. Light is mirrored forever, never losing its power and causes the division of all souls. Existence of all cannot be without light whether it be white light or black light.
5. Light is white.
6. Light is black.
7. Light is violet.
8. Light is green.
9. Light is red.
10. Only light can exceed the speed of itself without total destruction. All matter becomes the universe at the speed of light.
11. Light has seven divisions which are the seven pyramids of the Father.
12. All pyramids emit light.
13. Light does not exist.
14. Light is the only thing in the universe.
15. Red emits from the apex of a pyramid.
16. Violet emits from the base of a pyramid.
17. Yellow emits at an angle of 45 degrees.
18. Stone is formed by the 8th principle of light.
22 All parts of the universe, including all matter, are made of light.
30. Divine light and love are the same.
31. Thought is transmitted by light and is light.
32. Light, life, soul and good are opposed to darkness, death, matter and evil which dwell in Alzur.
39. Light is not an object of worship.
40. Light is the first emanation from GOD, the one FATHER.
41. Light has no characteristic of matter.
42. All search for the light's end.
44. Electric impulse is the body of light, just as the physical shape of man is the body of the soul.
45. The spiritual part of the light of the soul travels at a 45 degree angle ..."

Continued ...

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