Books of Fahsz
Book II: The Book of Antila
The Book of Light
Book of Dvlr: The Story of Fahsz


Books of Fahsz

"The Atlantis was my kingdom and the traces of its memories are in but a few minds. The peak of civilization was reached in Atlantis. Communications were by direct thought and transportation was by the proper use of the units of Fahsz obtained through the holy shel. My people were taught to worship the one and only Father, in the true and correct manner, but they began to wander turning the powers given by the Father to their own selfish use, using the logos for the work of evil. The energy of the atom was used with a great effect with the power of the mind which is the right and proper use of the power of the atom's power, in itself spiritual in nature."

The evolution of life is true, until the appearance of man, who was placed on the earth by the Father, saying, "Man should not be made to evolve through the lower forms of life."

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